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Master in Agricultural Heritage Systems

Other activities

During the period of the Marter Course, additional activities are planned: 


Guest lectures

Besides the normal lectures, guest lectures will be hosted during the master that will be held by relevant scientists in the scientific disciplines related to agricultural heritage systems. Together with academicians, also administrators and officers of several international organizations collaborating to the project, such as World Bank, FAO, CBD, UNESCO, will provide presentations highlighting the connections of the master with their activities.


Field work

The structure of the course is based on frontal classes and laboratories, as well as field work. Some teachings are articulated in two different modules. Field work activities will be carried out in selected sites of the Italian National Register of Historical Rural Landscapes representing interesting examples for the main topics of the lectures.



Students from the Priority Countries of the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development will spend 15 days in one country of the program for a training stage, according to the decisions of the scientific committee.


Final test

The Master includes a final exam consisting in the drafting of a proposal for presenting an agricultural heritage system to the GIAHS programme. The choice of the agricultural heritage system to be studied, one for each student, will be done together by the student and the teacher. At the end of the course, with the approval of the final thesis by the commission, the title of Master in “Agricultural Heritage Systems” is issued. The issue of the title is subject to regular payment of the registration fee.
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